I don’t understand why people always want to see beautiful things on photographs!

Lots of images with beautiful women, landscapes, sunsets… with filters that don’t represent the real world.

Ugly things are more interesting.

A little hole

Usually, take a good street photo is not easy.

For me, good pictures have to contain something more than people walking in the street. You have to go further, looking where nobody does…

…sometimes you find your photo, looking into a little hole of 5 milimeters.


I just bought a smartwatch that counts the steps when you walk…

Who says that photography is not a sport? Last time I went to take pictures, I made more that 10 km just walking, and observing the streets and the people.

Remember: Street Photography, clear your mind, makes you more observant and creative… and It’s really healthy for you!!! 😉


I Love the way you can change the human figures using shadows. You only have to take a sign of a restaurant, and an old woman with a stick, and… “voila”!, Yoda appears!

May the Force be with you and go to make good photos, my reader.